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​Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Finest Sound & Groove for Groovin' Art


1979, after high school, he moved to the United States from Japan, and learned the basics of music at Cabrillo Community College.

He studied sound engineering at the Sound Master Engineering School in N.Hollywood.


He started his career as a live engineer in LA,  and was in charge of live tours, such as for The Williams Brothers, EL Chicano and many others.

As a house engineer of famous jazz/fusion club, “Hop Singhs” in Marina Del Rey, California, he did sound for legendary musicians such as Oscar Peterson, Bobby Hutcherson and Robben Ford, and many others for about two years.

He has worked in venues ranging from small clubs to 12,000-capacity outdoor live events.

He is also involved in Tokiko Kato's performance at Carnegie Hall.


He also expanded his activities as a recording/mixing engineer.

He is involved in recording sessions with various musicians through music and commercial production.

Since 2000, he has also worked with many Japanese artists / hit production.


Award / achievement

   * Japanese Record Awards (equivalent to Grammys in Japan);

        New Artist of the year,  Best Album of the year,  Gold Award, Best planning Award

   *Japanese Cable Music Award ; New Artist of the Year, Grand Award Excellence

   *Japannese Gold Disc Awards ; Jazz Album of the Year


He owns many vintage and the latest equipment to provide music that resonates with our hearts with the best sound.

He creates works for various genres, from natural sounds to songs that use a lot of effects.


Other music industry works ;


*Music composition ; Earth, Wind & Fire, AN-J, B-Fresh


*Album produce ; Four Minutes till Midnight


*Recording / Sampling music instruments for YAMAHA Music Corp.


*“9sari Studio” studio design

Recording & Mixing Artists

Sayuri Ishikawa, Chihiro Onitsuka, Tokiko Kato, Seiko Matsuda, Taro Hakase, Tomomi Kahara, Toshinobu Kubota, GACKT, Toshi (X Japan)  Hiromi Go, Chitose Moto, Mika Nakashima, Shonan no Kaze, Sentimental City Romance, Earth, Wind & Fire , Justin Bieber Kanye West, Larry Dunn Orchestra, Reel Tight, Trey Lewed (w/George Clinton), Val Watson, Drupi,

Kirk Wilson, Maica_n, MOTOKI, Four Minutes Til Midnight, Mamamalaid Rag, Sachi Tainaka, Mariko Nagai, Toshihide Baba, Manabu Miyahara, Cherry, Shinji Harada, Akio Suzuki, Carol Yamazaki, W-inds, Nakanomori Band, Amika Hattan, Keita Tachibana, Nanami Tanimura, MAX, SPEED, Hiro, Eriko Imai, Takako Uehara, Fairies, Arisa Mizuki,Rina Chinen, Aya Ueto, Miwako Okuda, Kosuke Naka, Jun Shibata, Coming Soon, Masanori Takahashi, Mina Kobayashi, Osamu Kitajima, Giant Swing, Han a.k.a.Gami, D.O. PONEY (PONY), DJ BAKU, DOGMA, LOAD8ERZ, DARTHREIDER, LIBRO, GOKU GREEN, HI-BULLET, DJ HONDA, Red Eye, Love Soljuh, AN-J, B-Fresh, Brenda Voughn, Carros USA dos, Coco d’Or, Domino, EARTH, EnGene. Yutaka Kanazawa, Maiko, Maco, Kanon, Rinoceros, Ting Ting

*Some other great musicians he worked with (in the U.S.)


Wind Instruments

Ronnie Laws, Hubert Laws, Wilton Felder, Erick Marienthal, Gerald Albright, Andre Delano, Stephen Baxter



Roland Bautista, Al McKay, David T Walker, Michael Thompson, Wah Wah Watson,

Ray Parker Jr., Phil Upchurch, Sheldon Reynolds



Larry Dunn, Pat Seymore, Greg Phillinganes, David Benoit



Abraham Laboriel, John Peña, John Leftwich, Kenny Gradney, Bobby Watson, Alphonso Jhonson



Lenny Castro, Luis Conte, Michael Fisher, Daryl “Munyungo” Jackson



Jim Keltner, Michel White, Jeff Porcaro, J.R. Robinson, John Paris


unleash your creativity


YouTube link of his mixing work

Here you can see works of wonderful artists mixed by Hiroto Kobayashi / Lakoba. Please enjoy!

For smartphone users, click the video image below to open the library or scroll left to select your favorite song.  (no particular order)



BAKU - MO' BETTER TRUTH BAKU - MO' BETTER TRUTH feat. BLAHRMY, Keyco Written, Produced by BAKU Lyrics by SHEEF THE 3RD, MILES WORD and Keyco Trumpet by Hiderow Nishioka Mixed by Lakoba at Groovin Art Studio Mastered by Tomoyuki Jufuku Film by DALLI PRODUCTS Assistant by FUKA CAST : SHEEF THE 3RD, MILES WORD, Keyco, BAKU Special Thanks CARHARTT, Flor de Cana, 7th FLOOR ℗&© 2023 KAIKOO 総勢30名を超えるRapper, ミュージシャンが参加したBAKUのNEW ALBUM『MO' BETTER TRUTH』をKAIKOOより、4/17(月)CD発売・配信リリース❗️🔥 アルバムタイトル曲の『MO' BETTER TRUTH feat. BLAHRMY, Keyco』のMVも同日公開🎞️ ⁡ ————————————————————— ⁡ 総勢30名を超えるRapper, ミュージシャンが参加したBAKUのNEW ALBUM『MO' BETTER TRUTH』。 Rapperを全曲featした作品は「THE 12JAPS」より14年ぶりとなり、BLAHRMY, Keyco, SILENT KILLA JOINT, ジャパニーズマゲニーズ, RHYME BOYA, NASTY K, calimshot, Slim Boy, KK, 鎮座DOPENESS, CHAN-MIKA, LIBRO, Qugo, SHALA, 漢akaGAMI, 道(TAO), SNAFKN, Daichi Yamamoto, Shing02, MARIA, D.O とBAKUならではの世代を超えたfeaturing陣となっている。 JAZZやSOULのSamplingをベースに、TrumpetにHiderow Nishioka、グルーヴィな生Bassにilldespinsの生楽器隊が加わり懐かしくも新しいBOOM BAPを提示している。あの名作映画を彷彿させるタイトルはもう一度大切な真実達を思い出させる。 過去と未来を繋ぐヴァイブル的HIPHOP ALBUMが完成! ⁡ BAKU『MO' BETTER TRUTH』配信リンク ⁡ ————————————————————— ⁡ BAKU『MO' BETTER TRUTH』 ⁡ 1.MO' BETTER TRUTH feat. BLAHRMY, Keyco ⁡ 2.GET IT feat. SILENT KILLA JOINT ⁡ 3.FLY DAY feat. ジャパニーズマゲニーズ ⁡ 4.HARD 2 FIND feat. RHYME BOYA, SHEEF THE 3RD, NASTY K, calimshot,MILESWORD ⁡ 5.BLESS UP feat. Slim Boy, KK ⁡ 6.JUICY 2023 feat. 鎮座DOPENESS, CHAN-MIKA ⁡ 7.TREASURE feat. LIBRO, Qugo, SHALA ⁡ 8.REAL DEAL feat. LIBRO, 漢akaGAMI, 道(TAO), SNAFKN ⁡ 9.PLAYER feat. Daichi Yamamoto, Shing02 ⁡ 10.WITHOUT U feat. MARIA, D.O ⁡ [Bonus Track : CD only] 11.BACKBONE feat. NAIKA MC, MC CARDZ, 呂布カルマ, RITTO ⁡ 12.VIRTUOSO feat. Shing02, Reatmo ⁡ 13.KARMA MAY COME UP THE WINDOW feat. G.RINA ⁡ ————————————————————— ⁡ #baku #djbaku #blahrmy #keyco #sheefthe3rd #milesword
Maica_n - Love song(Official Music Video)

Maica_n - Love song(Official Music Video)

Maica_n 「Love song」 配信はコチラ♪→ 音楽ストリーミングサービスおよびiTunes Store、レコチョク、moraなど主要ダウンロードサービスにて配信中 ※対応ストリーミングサービス:Amazon Music Unlimited、 Apple Music、AWA、KKBOX、LINE MUSIC、TOWER RECORDS MUSIC、Rakuten Music、Spotify、YouTube Music、dヒッツ、うたパス、SMART USEN ▼Maica_n「Love song」リリースキャンペーン! Apple MusicもしくはSpotifyにて、Maica_n「Love song」を下記ページよりライブラリ追加をしていただいた方全員に、“スペシャル待ち受け画像”をプレゼント!是非ご自身のライブラリに追加して、「Love song」をたくさんお聴きください! 〇キャンペーン期間:2022/10/5(水)~2022/10/26(水) 〇対象ストリーミングサービス:Apple Music、Spotify 〇プレゼント:設定いただいた方全員に、“スペシャルスマホ待ち受け画像” ●キャンペーン参加方法等詳しくは以下のビクターHPをご覧ください。 Maica_n follow Official Website: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Facebook:


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